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Knowledge. Freedom. Efficiency. Joy. Accomplishment.

All lessons are currently being held online due to COVID-19

About the Studio

Owens Vocal Studio is an Online Anywhere vocal studio based in West Cincinnati serving vocal students of all levels and abilities who want to learn about their voices and grow in vocal skills. Repertoire covers a variety of styles, from classical and music theater to contemporary.

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Learn About Your Voice!

  • Find freedom and ease in your singing
  • Reduce tension
  • Improve your sound
  • Gain efficiency and consistency in your vocal production
  • Improve your confidence and find joy in singing
  • Feel a sense of accomplishment and fulfill your vocal potential
  • Take on new learning and challenge your brain
  • Express yourself through your voice with stylistically appropriate singing
  • Build your musical skills
  • Add on areas of focus to address your needs and interests such as basic piano, solo recitals and feedback between lessons