Singing for Grown-ups

A new concept in vocal training combining group classes, individual training and community.

  • 3 Group classes, with individual asynchronous lessons occurring during non-class weeks. All online from the convenience of your home (or anywhere!).
  • Community - Group class learning and a closed Facebook group where you can chat, share and ask questions. Bonus learning videos may also be posted from time to time!
  • All levels - all singing instruction is personalized to your level.
  • Substantially less cost than traditional one-on-one lessons.
  • Much less time commitment, but still great learning!
  • This is a safe setting to explore your voice! We are a closed group with no outsiders allowed.

Inaugural group meets August 31st through November 20th

Class dates will be 9/6, 10/4 and 11/1 at 3:00 PM Eastern time unless a majority need to change.

Week 1 - Initial video lessonWeek 7 - Video lesson
Week 2 - ClassWeek 8 - Video lesson
Week 3 - Video lessonWeek 9 - Video lesson
Week 4 - Video lessonWeek 10 - Class
Week 5 - Video lessonWeek 11 - Video lesson
Week 6 - ClassWeek 12 - Video lesson

How does it work?

  • Prior to the first week (or during if needed), we’ll meet individually on Zoom for a bit to discuss your singing history, goals and songs.
  • On class weeks, we’ll meet on Zoom where we’ll cover broad topics and I will work with individual singers as in a lesson while the others observe. This teaches both the singer and the observers since seeing others work and make changes can also facilitate your own learning. You’ll then take the rest of that week to practice what you learned.
  • Each non-class week you’ll send me a video of you singing your song, or other agreed upon material; and then I will send a reply video with feedback and suggestions for the week. Videos can be sent on Marco Polo, Seesaw, or using any method that works best for you.
  • Time commitment is 1 hour per class, and about 15 minutes on non-class weeks, plus practice time as you choose.
We will have a closed Facebook group that is a space where you can chat, ask questions (of the group or of Tiffany), share the journey and just be each others’ singing peeps! Bonus learning videos may be added there from time to time.
During or following the last week, everyone who is comfortable doing so is encouraged to post a video performance of their song in the Facebook group as a "final project" to share and celebrate their learning.

How much does it cost?

The total cost of the class is $200.

Ready to register?

Contact Tiffany and let her know you wish to sign up for the “Singing for Grown-ups” class.