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The sessions are based on an amalgamation of the local school calendars. Spring semester has 19 lessons over 20 weeks. There is one week break in March, plus another week off for either your spring break or another week of your choice.

The Summer session will have 8 lessons over a 9 week period. There will be one week off for the 4th of July, and also a week off of your choice for family vacations or rest. Students who take lessons in the summer are guaranteed a spot during the Fall session. Should the need arise, students who take the summer off will be placed on a waiting list for fall.

Fall session will have 16 lessons over 17 weeks. There are no lessons the week of Thanksgiving plus a week of your choice off. Most breaks will coincide with holidays and school breaks, but please note that some holidays are not observed and lessons will occur on those days.

Sessions are paid in full, in split (two) installments or in monthly installments, by cash, check, Zelle or credit/debit via Square (in person or online). There are discounts for paying in full or in split installments.

Spring Session

January 6 -
May 15

No lessons March 10 - March 13

No lesson additional week (or two) of your choice

Summer Session

June 1 -
July 31

No lessons June 30 - July 3

No lesson additional week of your choice

Fall Session

August 17 -
December 11

No lessons November 24 - November 27

No lesson additional week (or two) of your choice

In-person and Online Lessons

Students will sign up for a half hour, forty-five minute or hour lesson weekly. (Please note that hour lessons are usually only recommended for advanced students.) I will make every effort to find a mutually agreed upon time for lessons. Once you have paid your tuition and scheduled your lesson time, it is held just for you. You have contracted the exclusive use of that time for your scheduled lesson. Please note that if you/your child's activities change throughout the session, I may or may not be able to accommodate a lesson time change so it is important that you choose a time that will not conflict with an activity you know is coming later in the session.

Each lesson will consist of warming up the voice and working on technical issues, often followed by sight singing. This will be followed by rehearsal of audition or performance songs during which we will correct technique, address any problem spots, fine-tune and polish the songs. We can also work on music reading skills or basic piano skills at your request.

As needed, in-person, online, video and flex lessons are interchangeable.

Flex-fit Lessons

Completely asynchronous, these lessons always fit your schedule! Record at your own time and pace and get feedback throughout the week. You can choose a focus of learning (technique and growth focus), goal based (song prep) or both. The flex-fit sessions run concurrently with the in-person and online lessons. Flex-fit students will choose one week off in addition to the studio break.

Non-session Offerings

Individual lessons are available without session registration at a non-contracted rate as long as there is an opening in the schedule. These can be helpful if you need a touch up, have an audition coming up or have an extremely irregular schedule.

Available as in-person, online or flex-fit/asynchronous.

Add-on Basic Piano

While teaching piano is not Mrs. Owens' main focus, the development for piano skills is sometimes desired to make oneself a better musician, a better music reader or to give you the ability to help yourself more in practicing and performing. Simply having the ability to play your melody for yourself can be a great asset to a singer. Because of this, the option to add piano study to your voice lessons is now an option. Most older students will only need 16-20 minutes per week to get the help needed to build basic skills if they are also practicing on their own.

Mrs. Owens reserves the right to end any and all service relationships with clients who are excessively tardy, no show three times, are habitually unprepared (no materials) for lessons, and/or for unpaid tuition and fees.